Aennikin | About
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my name is Aennikin and I’ve been working as a professional organic makeup artist for the past four years. I am based in Berlin but I am working all over the globe. I’ve been working in this field for about six years. When I first tried vegan cosmetic, I realized that ‘clean’ products have a bright future. Ever since then I have been using green beauty products at my photo and video shoots. The feedback from the models as well as the teams I worked with has been extremely positive. There are a lot of possibilities organic makeup has to offer. As of right now, my makeup kit contains mostly natural cosmetics (85%) and I hope to increase that percentage to 100% in the near future.
Brands that I work with:
Gressa Skincare, Kjaer Weis, ILIA Beauty, RMS Beauty, und Gretel, Nude by Nature, HIRO Cosmetics, Prttypeaushun, Pot of Gold, USLU Airlines